Let’s Ban #BanBossy


Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In, and a bunch of other important people, are on a mission to ban the word “bossy.” They argue that the word is too often used as a negative label describing girls with natural leadership qualities.

Really? I thought I was using it to describe someone, male or female, who is kind of a rude jerk.

Before I rant about all that is wrong with this campaign, let me just state for the record that the campaign makes many points with which I actually agree. I am all for children, boys and girls, using their words to speak up and be heard. I am in favor of kids learning how to lead and assert themselves in positive ways. In a world where the voices of many of these young ones are ignored, even stifled, we need to empower kids to speak up. We need more leaders and fewer followers. So those are the positive elements I see in this campaign.

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For the Level of Humanity!

George Clooney Level of HumanityUnless you have no internet connection, no television, never go to the grocery store, or aren’t on speaking terms with your mother, you have probably already heard the news:  George Clooney is getting married!  The internet is abuzz with THE woman who finally captured George’s heart.  Her name is Amal Alamuddin, and her resume is dizzying.  She’s an Oxford-educated human rights lawyer who, coincidentally enough, also looks like a supermodel.  She speaks three languages and her list of accomplishments range from representing Julian Assange to acting as advisor to Kofi Annan.  In other words, she isn’t mortal. Continue reading


Unschooled by Stuart Little

“Everyone will now take his or her seat!” commanded Stuart. The pupils filed obediently down the aisles and dropped into their seats and in a moment there was silence in the classroom. Stuart cleared his throat. Seizing a coat lapel in either hand, to make himself look like a professor, Stuart began:
“Anybody absent?”

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Disappointing Your Kids

Parents today have too many pressures heaped upon them.  We are bombarded with “expert” opinions and unrealistic expectations on how to raise perfect, well-adjusted, brilliant, beautiful, talented, morally immaculate children.  It’s more than even our Bible heroes could achieve!  Formulas abound.  Plug in these variables and presto!  Get perfect kids!  As if raising children was as simple as following a recipe; baking the perfect kidcake with all the best organic ingredients.

On top of all that, I see parents who will go to great lengths, moving heaven and earth in order not to disappoint their kids.  They somehow, along with caring for their kids, feel responsible for their total and complete happiness.  As if parents don’t already have enough heaped onto their plates managing homes, families, schedules, work, school, bills, etc., since when did it become our responsibility to placate each and every whim and desire our kids have? Continue reading

One Thing

I have a question for you:  What’s the one thing you know you should be doing but aren’t?  I’m not talking about everyday things, things that may be important but on a much smaller scale, such as doing the dishes, taking out the trash, or paying the cable bill.  I’m talking about the ideas that you have.  The big ones.  The ones that won’t leave.  The ones that have been with you for months, maybe even years.  Maybe ever since you were a kid.  They linger like strays on a doorstep.  You want to write a novel.  Or travel the world someday.  Or start your own business.  Or run a half marathon.  You get the idea.  We all have at least one thing.  Maybe it’s two or three things. Continue reading

Why I Run

Me and my dad, August 2012

If you know me at all, or follow me on social media, you know that I love to run.  Let me say up front, I am no Olympic athlete.  I have never run a marathon, and in the past my running schedule has been sporadic at best.  I have run several 5ks, a few 10ks, but mostly I love to go for a 30 minute jaunt around the park or my neighborhood, giving this desperate introvert a much needed break from parenting and homeschooling 4 children!  Running clears my head.  It gives me time to recalibrate, to think and focus, meditate or pray.  Another bonus:  I get to listen to my music of choice, uninterrupted.  That might not seem like such a big deal to some, but for me it is a rarity these days.  A daily dose of Vitamin D from some good old-fashioned sunshine (remember that stuff?), along with some fresh air (that too?), can help me rise above and transcend whatever problems I may be facing.  I feel capable.  Strong.  Healthy. Continue reading

The Dregs of Summer

The crowd has gathered -

It is only days until Autumn makes his triumphant appearance,

With wreaths and garlands of gold adorning his comely head.

We anxiously await his inauguration,

As we wave good riddance to his predecessor,

Suffering now the dregs of Summer.

She has given us her best, but her reign is nearing its uninspiring end.

Fruits have ceased their bearing, and vegetation has withered and withdrawn.

Hibernating underground; soothing, placating.

Pool gates are closed, and children have returned to their cells,

But the temperatures deceive us.

Searing heat, drying and suffocating the last drops of life and vitality from the vine

As we wait.

We yearn.

For a different kind of harvest; a new kind of wine.

We wait for Summer to take her final breath.  To die.

And we openly applaud her passing.

Celebrating as her rival steps up and establishes his term.

We hold our breath as we crane our necks to witness whether she will step down peacefully

Or leave us violently; clinging and grasping for one final, desperate but feeble display of vanity.

All the while, we ignore the fact that our new king will abandon us in similar fashion -

And he will leave our beds before we awaken from our drunken sleep.

Not even casting a glance in our direction as we alone face usurpation by the cruelest of all kings.

Leaving us

Bitter. Empty. Hungry.


When we will wait.

And yearn.

For Queen Summer.

Harkening back to her warmth,

Her luscious fruits,

Her promises whispered, sweet kisses, and her carefree embrace.

As we long for her glorious return.